You can’t seem to go anywhere in the U.S. today without hearing a reference to Game of Thrones. As the final season goes into production, fandom pages are already trying to anticipate who the winners and losers will be. Each kingdom has a list of strengths and weaknesses that could determine their outcome.

technical surveillance countermeasures

Photo credit: University of Salford via / CC BY

As kings and queens fight each other for power, a larger danger comes from the outside; the white walkers. An evil element that has gained strength over the seasons as well. Even team members at IMG have been hypothesizing how the game will end.

You may be wondering why we are blogging about a pop-culture phenomenon like GOT. First, it really is great fun to watch. Second, the pre-planning and strategy tactics of the main characters are quite similar to what our IMG consultants do. We may not have dragons or Jon Snow, but our technical surveillance countermeasures include a thorough review of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to survey the business landscape for known and unknown threats to your company far before they arrive to the gate.

A phrase such as technical surveillance countermeasures may conjure more modern themes such as spy gear and secret agents. And yes, we have state-of-the-art resources to support our clients. It’s important to remember technology only does what we tell it to. Before we can bring out the tech, a real old fashioned face-to-face meeting of the minds has to happen first. After a careful review of your corporate and international security, we want to bring all the leaders to the table.

Here are just a few things to discuss with your company queens and kings –

  • Fortify the Troops: Reviewing the weak spots in a company network is key to building up a resistance to corporate hackers. IMG consultants can bring experts in to survey the virtual landscape and find a plan to help block those trying to scale the walls of your network.
  • Review the Chain of Command: Simple employee breaches, such as executives walking into a secure area without proper clearance can indicate guards are not alert at the gate. IMG experts can review the practices of a company security team to ensure they are robust and at-the-ready.
  • Ensure the King’s Guard is Prepared: Executives travelling overseas on business can easily fall into unexpected dangers. Technical surveillance countermeasures include travel security. IMG consultants can send your busy VIP off with a smart security plan and the support of FoneTrac and GlobalSecur to keep them safe on the road.
  • Create Strong Alliances: Technical surveillance countermeasures require teamwork. A smart strategy planned well in advance is key. Ongoing communication and support on both sides can bolster the troops and keep a focus on what it takes to win.

Before tech can be used, a smart plan of attack must be discussed first. IMG consultants bring technical surveillance countermeasure experts to your company kingdom. That’s how the game is played!

Photo credit: University of Salford via / CC BY