The buzzword of the year has to be “Fake News.” Politicians and business moguls accuse reporters of it. Gossip magazines and websites thrive on it and ask “is it fake or not?” While the Internet is rife with fabricated stories, consumers are confused over what the truth is. International Security ExpertsWho can they trust to get concrete answers and solutions for a problem? How can a business executive plan a trip if conflicting reports highlight danger everywhere?

An example of dangerous fake news can be found in the recent calamity known as Hurricane Irma. Rumors immediately began to spread as the category 5 storm hit the Caribbean. Online video’s surfaced claiming to be footage of Irma but were actually images of past hurricanes in other countries. It was reported that the governor of Florida was injured during the storm and had to be air-lifted to a hospital. There was even a story that residents exiting Florida could find a list of routes through dangerous territory they could drive through. All fake news. And due to that last one, many Florida citizens could have run straight into danger.

Luckily, FEMA has initiated a “rumor control” website so anyone can dispel the hoaxes and find the facts about a natural disaster. FEMA there to plan, communicate and implement emergency rescue and recovery during a large-scale disaster in the U.S. They are also an information source that can be trusted to get important details out to the public during the disaster.

IMG’s International Security Experts Ignore the Fluff and Bombast to get to the Facts

Many could lament over the days of “real” investigative reporting when an expert went into the trenches and personally collected their own data. Real experts are still out there going below the surface and discovering key details that help round a story out. We salute them and our international security experts take the same approach. The right information at the right time can make a difference to a travelling executive in peril. When VIP flies overseas, our monitoring and emergency systems keeps them connected to the real story. There’s no time to filter through the gossip and half-truths of random news sites. IMG’s international security professionals will get directly to the facts.

We know safety and security of a travelling executive is priority one to any company. They can’t send a VIP overseas with only an Internet full of sketchy news reports about travel safety. IMG’s international security experts are connected to a team of professionals who dispel the myths and dig deep for all the facts. Surface stories confirming a storm about to hit the coast of China aren’t enough for VIP’s to make smart safety decisions. What part of the coast will it land? Where are the nearest emergency services? Can the business trip continue with a simple re-routing of the path? That’s our job to help the executive make a tight security plan before takeoff. It’s also our job to send them off with the right security tools to stay safe if anything changes. That’s where FoneTrac and GlobalSecur come in. News reports of a terrifying natural disaster can change from minute to minute. Our team pushes notifications with the facts and offers real support a VIP can reach out to any time.