August 1, 2017 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international corporate security consulting firm, is proud to announce that its FoneTrac® app is now available to individual licensees at a discounted rate of $15 / month.

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Terms and conditions may change, so interested parties are urged to visit the FoneTrac® website at to learn more about the travel safety app.

“The ubiquity of the mobile phone has created an enormous positive opportunity for travelers of all types, from tourists to VIPs to employees to other business travelers,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “We were pleased to announce the availability of FoneTrac to individuals at a discounted rate, since we have received numerous requests to do so. Many individuals learn of FoneTrac as part of a corporate travel security program, or perhaps via a study abroad program, and then wish to continue to use it for international travel.”

To learn more, or to sign up for an individual plan. On the website one can also learn more about FoneTrac’s travel security app features and options, such as:

  • Robust technology that provides precise position locating.
  • Straightforward and uncomplicated primary features – Check-In and Panic Alert buttons
  • Notifications to selected user-selected contacts to notify safety status (in addition to IMG’s emergency control center).
  • Notifications to users in the event of location enhanced risk at their destination.
  • Two-way text message interaction.
  • Access to built-in GlobalSecur contact numbers for security advice.
  • Access to trusted, Worldwide security and (optional) medical support in the event of an emergency.
  • Continuous location monitoring in the event of a panic alert to provide accurate updated locations.

FoneTrac®, now in 5th revision works on all major smartphone and tablet platforms

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