As summer draws to a close, many of us are traveling. Whether that’s travel inside the United States or it’s travel to foreign countries, travel is often a fun experience. Even busy business travelers have their moments of fun. There’s nothing that compares to seeing Paris for the first time, viewing the pyramids in Egypt, or just the experience of going to a Mexican market to haggle with the sellers. Tourism is fun. This fun sense of tourism, however, can give a false sense of security.

Travel Security Tips for Executives

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As travel security experts – and especially as experts in travel security for employees, VIPS, and corporate executives – allow us to bring you down for a moment. “Safety first,” as they say. Here are some strategies and tips for travel security especially using our FoneTrac travel safety app.


  • Raise your awareness both of your destination and of what’s going on around you. Destination reports provide useful information about recent events, areas to avoid, how to avoid becoming a victim, cultural norms, and more. Seek advice from us before you leave. Raising your awareness at your destination takes practice. We have things to do and thinking of other things. But noticing what’s going on around you can often allow you to avoid a possible threat.
  • Make sure you have arranged for medical assistance coverage. Use the built-in number in FoneTrac to contact the Medical Assistance Emergency Response Center. Keep in mind that without coverage upfront payments and language barriers can increase your risk by delaying access to immediate care.
  • Keep up-to-date with changing circumstances. FoneTrac will notify you of major incidents or issues that may impact your safety. Use the built-in number to contact us directly for specific advice.
  • Make sure you use FoneTrac to check-in periodically and update your position. (Remember that FoneTrac does not monitor you continuously.) In an emergency, your home office and key contacts need to know where you are.
  • Use the Panic Alert button in an emergency and know what response to expect.
  • If there is a major incident or emergency at your destination, use the Check-In to let your home office know you are safe.
  • Although travel has certain risks, FoneTrac will help keep risk in check and help you get overseas advice & support when you need it.

We live in a modern age. Among the things that we can do to increase our security is to leverage technology. FoneTrac, as a leading travel safety app, allows us to leverage the ubiquitous mobile phone to send and receive security alerts.