The ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware attack on n May 12th impacted hundreds of thousands of computers in more than a hundred countries.

Authorities are actively investigating the WannaCry Ransomware attack, but no suspects have been identified as of yet. Many officials and corporate security experts believe that WannaCry Ransomware attack may be the largest incident of its kind and could prove a turning point in cybersecurity.

What is Ransomware, and How Does it Work?

According to corporate security experts, Ransomware works by preventing the user from accessing data or functionality until a payment is made. The WannaCry attack followed this pattern by encrypting computer hard drives and demanding a $300 bitcoin payment to allow users to regain access to the data. While Ransomware attacks can be sophisticated and widespread, there are things individuals can do to protect themselves.

Tips on Improving Security against Ransommware


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Security Experts Provide 3 Tips on Security Against Ransomware

  1. Use Caution Before Opening Email Attachments. Email attachments are often used to spread computer viruses from one PC to another. One of the ways the WannaCry Ransomware attack spread was by posing as a Microsoft Office email asking the user to enable macros. Once the user complied, the malware was uploaded into the PC. As a result, individuals should use caution before opening email attachments, even from senders that appear legitimate.
  2. Backup Files Regularly. One way individuals can avoid being held hostage by Ransomware is to regularly back-up their data. In the event of a Ransomware attack, the user has the option of simply accessing their backup rather than succumbing to the extortion.
  3. Keep Software Up to Date. The WannaCry ransomware attack worked by exploiting vulnerability in Windows. However, this vulnerability had previously been identified by Microsoft, which had issued a security patch back in March. By keeping all their programs up to date, users can ensure that they have the latest protection loaded on to their systems.

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