Electronic Surveillance is all over the news today. Not just with respect to the Trump administration and alleged meetings between key campaign officials and the Russians, but also in respect to the general business world. In business, an iPhone isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Technical Surveillance CountermeasuresSo are laptops and iPads. Yet anything having to do with communication and important corporate data has to flow easily among executives and quickly. Unfortunately, that data can also flow to those who are interested in a company’s valued secrets. IMG is used to seeing the simple mistakes a company can make and know the technical surveillance countermeasures that will stop a cybercriminal in their on-line tracks.

When an executive is traveling overseas, it’s easy for our team to stay on their heels with the FoneTrac Travel Security app and help them when they need it with GlobalSecur. Obviously, the executive knows we are in the background watching, but with good intentions. There are other technical surveillance people watching too, but looking to steal important corporate intelligence. Any files via email to a travelling executives iPhone could be vulnerable to snooping. Hackers are always looking to take advantage of a bug or other weaknesses that can lead to “picking the lock” on an company information. IMG has the technical surveillance countermeasures to help avoid such trouble.

IMG’s Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Stop a Hacker from Sniffing Around Your VIP’s Technology

The new CBS series “Hunted” is a great example of how anyone can be followed through their iPhones or other technical gear. Contestants are “hunted” by an expert technical security team. Contestants have to find a way to stay “off the grid” in order to get to their final destination. They have to learn to work around ATM’s for fast cash or hide their appearance when walking streets with surveillance cameras. We wouldn’t ask your VIP to do any of these things order to secure corporate data. First, it’s not possible. Second, we have technical surveillance countermeasures that can identify where company technology is weak and how to fix it. That means before a VIP flies to London on business, they are already secure.

There are many tactics a cyber thief uses to pilfer company secrets and sniffing is one of them. It’s a way of intercepting information over a network without being detected. Special sniffer software is used and is hard to detect. It’s also simple to use inside or outside a network. As a VIP travels overseas, we monitor their location through the FoneTrac app. We know where they are and can help at a moment’s notice if needed. It’s also completely secure. Yet, if they are on their email, an executive could be vulnerable. Our IMG team
has the technical surveillance countermeasures to keep a VIP from being “hunted” on the grid.