If you want to see a great example of safety, look at any professional construction site. They take every precaution to alert people of danger zones and safe zones. If a new building is rising, executives might visit the location to review the progress.

Executive Travel Security

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Before stepping on site, they will be required to wear a hardhat and a safety vest for protection. A construction manager will be there to guide them past danger zones as well. It’s obvious yet important: security / safety is priority #1 at any construction site!

That said, when an employee or executive travels overseas – unfortunately – their security may not be taken seriously, in advance. Companies are ofen RE-active and not PRO-active when it comes to overseas executive and employee travel security. Wouldn’t it be nice if HR could have the same type of attention for their VIP’s traveling abroad as on any everyday construction site here in the United States? International overseas meeting security may not hand out hard hats, but the best security experts for international travel can offer concrete protection and actionable insights for your executives and employees, whether they are going to an international meeting or just traveling abroad. Indeed, in partnership with FoneTrac® and GlobalSecur, we can offer a complete employee travel security solution.

Global travel is on the rise. That being said, international travel has not slowed down. More than ever, executives fly abroad to meet with business partners overseas. Although many countries have ramped up airport and city security, overseas meeting security is also an individual responsibility. Visitors should be cognizant of where they are and have personal protection nearby. Just like walking through a busy construction area, there are danger zones to look out for. The right “guide” like an IMG consultant can help an executive stay in the “safe zone” while on international business. We can conduct a corporate security audit, and advise and education your VIPS, executives, and employees on travel safety and travel security overseas. Executive travel safety is one of our top service areas.

Overseas Meeting Security Guides Globe-Trekking Executives Away from Danger Zones

Tools for building a home or a skyscraper vary. The devices for domestic or global security vary too. When HR sends an employees on international business, certain safety threats require more robust tools than in the states. Although IMG prepares a VIP for, say, a terrorist threat in Chicago, it may be a larger threat outside the United States. The overseas meeting security team has the technology to navigate foreign safety as well. IMG for consulting, FoneTrac for communication, and GlobalSecur for action. All three tiers cover a travelling employee from the moment they fly over international waters. We can even assist with cybersecurity for your corporation and technical surveillance countermeasures (which is a fancy way of helping you keep corporate meeting and communications secure from prying ears and eyes).

It’s important to remember the international criminal justice system is different too. Some countries ignore important safety concerns that the states address. Once a VIP is a victim of crime in a foreign country the laws and process may be more like a manhole cover. It’s confusing and you don’t know how long you’ll be in there. IMG Overseas meeting security consultants help employees avoid danger zones before they cause trouble. International safety consulting can look a bit like domestic consulting, but the larger worksite can mean bigger dangers. IMG consultants bring the best work tools and safety gear to support your VIP on international business.

Photo credit: Nikonphotography D750 via Foter.com / CC BY-ND