New York, NY – February 25, 2017. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce that Chris Hagon has been quoted in an important, recent, AP article, entitled “Trump Properties Face Global Terror Risk with Presidency.” It should be noted that many high profile VIPs and corporate executives are likely to stay in Trump hotels overseas, and that Hagon is a recognized expert on international executive travel security.

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“With the advent of the Trump presidency, corporate executives are increasingly skittish about stability and predictability. Among the concerns is a possible rise in terrorism against US interests abroad up to, and including, Trump-branded properties.” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “One perspective is how to increase security at Trump-branded properties, but another – important one – is how all companies should work on their corporate security for international travel. Executives, VIPs, and even mid-level employees call face a new, heightened international security environment.”

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Likely and Unlikely Targets Overseas: USA-branded Institutions and Executives

It is an unfortunate reality that USA-branded institutions and executives are targets for terrorism overseas. For whatever reasons, ‘made in USA’ isn’t always perceived in a positive light by all groups. Terrorist groups, in particular, may focus on USA assets for their attacks. The rise of the Trump Presidency and controversy surrounding the Trump brand have only heightened an awareness of terrorism targets and vulnerabilities. In the mentioned article, Chris Hagon is cited as a recognized expert on international travel security. Hagon points out that it will be difficult to secure all Trump-branded properties abroad. More importantly for the average corporate traveler is that any USA-branded asset is a potential target. This includes the very travelers themselves, as Senior Executives of US corporations make attractive targets for terrorism. By working with international travel security experts such as Chris Hagon, Harley Stock, Tim Bradley and the staff of the IMG, companies can pre-conduct security vulnerability audits and do their utmost to foresee and prevent international security problems.

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Photo credit: Nikonphotography D750 via / CC BY-ND