U.S. Airport security has profoundly changed in the past fifteen years. The days of short lines and easy boarding to overseas destinations are things of the past. Anyone traveling for pleasure or business is reminded to get to the airport at least two hours before a plane takes off. That time is dedicated to getting through the baggage check, the security checkpoint and the gate boarding pass handover.

Travel Security Experts

Photo credit: Cydcor via Foter.com / CC BY

Although the TSA and Homeland Security have increased airport safety procedures, many overseas airports have added several extra steps to the boarding process. Not only are there security checks, but a business traveler flying out of Munich can expect pre-gate boarding checkpoints and random boarding pass checkpoints as well. Yes, the added layers of checking and re-checking passengers before they board has helped to deter terrorists from causing harm to the public, but nothing is ever 100% secure.

While airports ramp up security, criminals dedicated to their cause will be just as vigilant in discovering new ways to hurt people. Like expert hackers who continue to search for that open space to infiltrate a company website, those determined to attack airports will create new strategies to achieve their criminal goals. It could be happening the same time a traveling VIP is getting her carryon bag checked. That’s why it’s key to ensure a VIP travel security expert has their back. That extra layer of personal security can alert a traveling executive of any danger before the sirens go off in the airport.

IMG Travel Security Experts Help VIP’s Avoid the Dark Clouds of Safety Threats

But if airports appear to have a handle on the problem, what can a travel security expert do? First, IMG’s Security team isn’t there to look over a bag checkers shoulder. As consultant, they work as the “brains” of your organization’s international security policies. While airport authorities are at work vetting passengers through a series of gates, IMG tracks local and global threats in the area. That means around the airport, in nearby cities and other transportation hubs. They are tracking any changes in the landscape, searching for possible “dark clouds” of danger forming. For instance, the suicide bombings at the Zaventem Airport in Brussels last March was connected to a bombing at a nearby metro station. Although terrorists only got as far as the departure gate, 35 civilians died and chaos was left in the wake.

IMG travel security experts have the ability to track the whereabouts of a VIP or key employees and provide personal security transport out of this type of situation. They can keep the traveling employee aware of danger hotspots around the airport and confirm when it is safe to move out of a secure area on to the next. (Our FoneTrac travel safety app is incredible for this purpose). If a medical evacuation plan is part of the plan, an IMG on-the-ground security team will move into action. As people move about their day trying to stay aware of their environment, yet focused on the business of the moment, IMG’s travel security experts focuses only on the employee’s security needs and safety. If you have world-traveling VIP and looking to “clear the skies” for them before takeoff, please contact the IMG travel security experts for a consultation.