The Incident Management Group, Inc. is proud to announce that international security experts, Chris Hagon and Tim Bradley, have achieved important patent recognition with the granting of US patent # 9,491,580 for the FoneTrac® travel safety app. The patent recognizes the app’s innovation in finding a sweet spot between the need for employee monitoring overseas and privacy concerns on Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices. Continue reading

Global commerce has become a normal way of doing business in today’s competitive marketplace. The key to any business is finding a great opportunity and making it work to your advantage. For corporations, opportunity may look like outsourcing materials and labor to benefit a company’s bottom line. Continue reading

Security is on everyone’s mind these days. The use of social media seems to make it even more important than ever. Criminals have become savvy about using Internet information to their advantage. Continue reading

U.S. Airport security has profoundly changed in the past fifteen years. The days of short lines and easy boarding to overseas destinations are things of the past. Anyone traveling for pleasure or business is reminded to get to the airport at least two hours before a plane takes off. That time is dedicated to getting through the baggage check, the security checkpoint and the gate boarding pass handover. Continue reading