Miami, Florida – May 26, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce a four-point post to its lively blog on the value of a business risk assessment expert, especially with respect to international security risks. With recent events such as the tragedy of EgyptAir 804 (the cause of which remains undetermined at the time of this writing), business risk audits have come to the fore of global corporations. Unfortunately, many companies do not understand their risk exposure until after an event. Continue reading

Businesses face many different types of risks these days. What with recent events in terms of airplane security to or from Egypt (e.g., EgyptAir Flight 804), as well as events in Brussels, Belgium, or Paris France, business travelers and senior executives today are increasingly aware of the risks posed by international travel. In addition, outbreaks of […]

Terrorist attacks, high profile kidnappings, extortion, political insurgency are some of the growing risks that companies face in overseas operations all under the rubric of ‘crisis management.’ They could affect your organisation’s workforce, property and contracts and have a significant impact on business operations and shareholder value. In this article we consider the proper response for the last of these issues, a political crisis and how experienced consulting services can help. Continue reading

“Perfect” corporate VIP security in terms of international travel or overseas assisgnments requires thick steel plates and a self-contained air-supply. Further, the VIP or senior executive in question should never meet with another person face-to-face, since people are inherently unpredictable–high risk! Obviously, since that scenario is never going to happen in real corporate life, the challenge is to find the sweet spot, the balance between too-little and too-much security. Continue reading