New York, NY – April 29, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce the publication of a short but important list of international security conferences with a focus on employee relations. With growing concerns about employee safety overseas, many human resources managers and others involved in managing employee travel are reaching out for best practices in tumultuous times. Continue reading

With the unfortunate increase in international travel risks – terrorist incidents, disease outbreaks, crime, and other growing problems for international business travels, it’s no wonder that the topic of employee travel security is being picked up by conferences across the world. Many human resource managers and others who are in charge of managing employee travel […]

The Chinese character for crisis has to do with both danger and opportunity. This profound observation is so pregnant with meaning, and the Chinese language is so powerful, that this has almost become a quotation in its own right. A crisis is indeed something that is both a danger and an opportunity. However, in much of the consulting that we do, organizations look at crises, in ways that are threatening them, much more in the sense of danger. And it is our job as crisis management consultants, to help these organizations foresee the potential dangers that may arise to their organization before, during, and after a crisis. Continue reading

For those of us who remember the government inquiry into 911, after it had happened, one of the more striking phrases or explanations was when Condoleezza Rice spoke of a failure of imagination. Despite the fact that there were indeed reports and indications that a terrorist attack against the United States was in the planning stages, and despite the fact that there was of course a blizzard of information as there always is confronting the United States, she pointed to a failure of the imagination as behind the tragedies of September 11, 2001. Essentially, and unfortunately, the representatives of the United States were unable to imagine an attack of the nature and scale of September 11. Continue reading