International Security Consulting

As experts in international security at a recognized security consulting firm, we know how to assess security-related risk for your people, facilities and operations. We specialize in safe employee travel and disaster preparedness and an effective response to security and medical emergencies. We have developed the technology to maintain global contact and to respond wherever and whenever issues may occur.

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Experience, excellence and a total commitment to our clients sets us apart from the competition.

IMG will help your organization protect your brand, people, products and customer interests.

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GlobalSecur Security Service

Our Track Record on International Security

Our clients for global security consulting services include those from most business sectors - financial, automotive, transportation, pharmaceutical, and others. As a result, we can provide expert advice on all aspects of global security for corporations, executives or key employees. We can address all types of employee and corporate security issues that might arise in countries ranging from the United Kingdom to Brazil or Saudi Arabia.

IMG Employee Security, Travel Safety

Our Services

  • Develop worldwide, proactive security and emergency response programs
  • Manage emerging or actual crises that relate to your overseas operations or the workplace environment
  • Conduct investigations, risk assessment, due diligence and intelligence assignments designed to minimize monetary loss and reputational risk
  • Provide your organization with expert psychological and security training, intervention and incident management designed to enhance employee safety and respond to emergencies

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Your Benefits

Your organization will benefit from access to a wide spectrum of essential services designed to enhance travel safety, mitigate security and medical emergencies, and provide expert management of executive and employee travel and overseas crises.

However, no two organizations are the same and much of our success stems from developing unique and varied solutions that will satisfy your exact needs and budget. As an example, IMG's GlobalSecur® Travel Safety Program is available as specific components, dependent on your requirements — an option that represents significant savings.

Our Approach

Our approach involves working closely with you to achieve your ongoing security objectives. We have a reputation of being an indispensable and always-available partner; in fact, many of IMG’s clients view us as an extension of their in-house operations.

Our Expertise

With our long-term expertise and relationship with our business partners and a worldwide, known and trusted security network means that IMG has the combined expert knowledge, integrity and resources to become essential partner in your business.